Schedule & Results, Steve Richey Tournament of Champions, 2018-2019 (Peterborough Minor Petes)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, January 17, 2019
MidgetDiv212:00 PMAtom Oshawa Minor Generals1-7Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MidgetDiv532:00 PMPGHA Ajax-Pickering Raiders5-2Halton Hurricanes
MidgetDiv422:30 PMPHA Central Ontario Wolves4-1Mississauga Reps
MidgetDiv663:30 PMNOR CIH Academy Voyageurs2-1North Central Predators
MidgetDiv143:45 PMAtom Burlington Eagles3-1London Jr. Knights
MidgetDiv653:45 PMPGHA Niagara North Stars6-0Lambton Jr. Sting
MidgetDiv185:15 PMNOR North Bay Trappers3-1Quinte Red Devils
MidgetDiv375:30 PMAtom Elgin Middlesex Chiefs3-1Southern Tier Admirals
MidgetDiv3107:00 PMNOR Markham Waxers5-1Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves
MidgetDiv597:15 PMAtom Brantford 99'ers6-1Soo Rivercity Motorsports Thunderbirds
MidgetDiv4128:45 PMNOR New Liskeard Cubs0-5Huron Perth Lakers
MidgetDiv2119:00 PMAtom Kapuskasing Flyers1-7Oakville Rangers
Friday, January 18, 2019
MinorDiv3138:00 AMAtom Toronto Jr. Canadiens1-1Hamilton Huskies
MidgetDiv3158:00 AMPHA Markham Waxers1-3Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
MidgetDiv1188:00 AMNOR London Jr. Knights0-5North Bay Trappers
MinorDiv4148:15 AMLeon Chatham Kent Cyclones3-2Brampton 45,s
MidgetDiv5168:15 AMPGHA Halton Hurricanes3-4Brantford 99'ers
MidgetDiv6178:30 AMPMC Lambton Jr. Sting1-3CIH Academy Voyageurs
MinorDiv1199:45 AMAtom London Jr. Knights6-2Soo Thunderbirds
MidgetDiv3219:45 AMPHA Southern Tier Admirals4-1Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves
MidgetDiv4249:45 AMNOR Mississauga Reps6-1Huron Perth Lakers
MinorDiv1 (XOVER)2010:00 AMLeon Sun County Panthers0-3Central Ontario Wolves
MidgetDiv22210:00 AMPGHA Oakville Rangers2-3Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MinorDiv2 (XOVER)2310:15 AMPMC Huron Perth Lakers1-4Markham Waxers
MidgetDiv42511:30 AMAtom Central Ontario Wolves6-1New Liskeard Cubs
MidgetDiv12711:30 AMPHA Quinte Red Devils1-4Burlington Eagles
MidgetDiv23011:30 AMNOR Kapuskasing Flyers7-2Oshawa Minor Generals
MinorDiv42611:45 AMLeon Ottawa Ambassadors7-1North Bay Trappers
MidgetDiv52811:45 AMPGHA Ajax-Pickering Raiders3-0Soo Rivercity Motorsports Thunderbirds
MinorDiv32912:00 PMPMC Sudbury Wolves4-4Quinte Red Devils
MinorDiv4311:15 PMAtom Brampton 45,s0-4Peterborough Petes
MidgetDiv6331:15 PMPHA North Central Predators3-4Lambton Jr. Sting
MinorDiv3321:30 PMLeon Halton Hurricanes4-1Toronto Jr. Canadiens
MidgetDiv6341:30 PMPGHA Niagara North Stars5-1CIH Academy Voyageurs
MidgetDiv3352:15 PMPMC Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves0-5Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
MinorDiv2363:00 PMAtom Brantford 99er's5-0Sun County Panthers
MinorDiv2383:00 PMPHA Ottawa Capitals6-2Markham Waxers
MinorDiv1373:15 PMLeon Huron Perth Lakers2-3London Jr. Knights
MidgetDiv3393:15 PMPGHA Southern Tier Admirals3-3Markham Waxers
MidgetDiv1404:00 PMPMC North Bay Trappers4-1Burlington Eagles
MidgetDiv4414:00 PMNOR New Liskeard Cubs1-6Mississauga Reps
MinorDiv1424:45 PMAtom Soo Thunderbirds2-3Central Ontario Wolves
MidgetDiv1444:45 PMPHA London Jr. Knights3-2Quinte Red Devils
MidgetDiv2435:00 PMLeon Oshawa Minor Generals0-10Oakville Rangers
MidgetDiv2455:00 PMPGHA Kitchener Jr. Rangers4-0Kapuskasing Flyers
MinorDiv3465:45 PMPMC Sudbury Wolves4-1Halton Hurricanes
MinorDiv3476:30 PMAtom Hamilton Huskies3-2Quinte Red Devils
MidgetDiv4496:30 PMPHA Huron Perth Lakers0-4Central Ontario Wolves
MinorDiv4486:45 PMLeon North Bay Trappers1-6Chatham Kent Cyclones
MidgetDiv5506:45 PMPGHA Brantford 99'ers5-2Ajax-Pickering Raiders
MinorDiv4517:30 PMPMC Peterborough Petes4-2Ottawa Ambassadors
MidgetDiv5528:15 PMAtom Soo Rivercity Motorsports Thunderbirds0-2Halton Hurricanes
MidgetDiv6538:30 PMLeon North Central Predators3-2Niagara North Stars
MinorDiv2549:15 PMPMC Ottawa Capitals6-1Brantford 99er's
Saturday, January 19, 2019
MinorDiv1558:00 AMAtom Soo Thunderbirds3-6Huron Perth Lakers
MidgetDiv1 (XOVER)578:00 AMPHA Oakville Rangers4-3London Jr. Knights
MidgetDiv3 (XOVER)568:15 AMLeon Mississauga Reps2-0Markham Waxers
MidgetDiv1 (XOVER)588:15 AMPGHA Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-4North Bay Trappers
MinorDiv3598:15 AMPMC Hamilton Huskies2-5Sudbury Wolves
MinorDiv4609:45 AMAtom North Bay Trappers1-7Peterborough Petes
MidgetDiv2 (XOVER)629:45 AMPHA Burlington Eagles2-1Oshawa Minor Generals
MinorDiv46110:00 AMLeon Chatham Kent Cyclones2-8Ottawa Ambassadors
MidgetDiv4 (XOVER)6310:00 AMPGHA Elgin Middlesex Chiefs3-1New Liskeard Cubs
MinorDiv16410:00 AMPMC Central Ontario Wolves3-2London Jr. Knights
MidgetDiv2 (XOVER)6510:00 AMNOR Quinte Red Devils4-3Kapuskasing Flyers
MinorDiv26611:30 AMAtom Markham Waxers3-5Brantford 99er's
MidgetDiv4 (XOVER)6811:30 AMPHA Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves3-6Central Ontario Wolves
MinorDiv26711:45 AMLeon Sun County Panthers2-7Ottawa Capitals
MidgetDiv5 (XOVER)6911:45 AMPGHA CIH Academy Voyageurs2-2Ajax-Pickering Raiders
MidgetDiv5 (XOVER)7011:45 AMPMC Lambton Jr. Sting1-3Brantford 99'ers
MinorDiv3711:15 PMAtom Halton Hurricanes7-1Hamilton Huskies
MidgetDiv6 (XOVER)731:15 PMPHA Soo Rivercity Motorsports Thunderbirds0-3North Central Predators
MidgetDiv6 (XOVER)721:30 PMLeon Halton Hurricanes0-5Niagara North Stars
MidgetDiv3 (XOVER)741:30 PMPGHA Huron Perth Lakers2-0Southern Tier Admirals
MinorDiv3751:30 PMPMC Quinte Red Devils2-4Toronto Jr. Canadiens
MinorDiv4763:00 PMAtom Peterborough Petes9-1Chatham Kent Cyclones
MinorDiv4783:00 PMPHA Brampton 45,s6-0North Bay Trappers
MinorDiv1773:15 PMLeon Central Ontario Wolves3-1Huron Perth Lakers
MinorDiv2 (XOVER)794:45 PMAtom London Jr. Knights6-3Ottawa Capitals
MinorDiv1 (XOVER)805:00 PMLeon Brantford 99er's5-0Soo Thunderbirds
M.Playoff816:30 PMAtom Mississauga Reps2-1Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
M.Playoff836:30 PMPHA Kitchener Jr. Rangers1-2North Bay Trappers
M.Playoff826:45 PMLeon Oakville Rangers1-3Central Ontario Wolves
M.Playoff846:45 PMPGHA Niagara North Stars5-3Brantford 99'ers
MinorDiv3858:15 PMAtom Toronto Jr. Canadiens1-5Sudbury Wolves
MinorDiv4878:15 PMPHA Ottawa Ambassadors5-0Brampton 45,s
MinorDiv3868:30 PMLeon Quinte Red Devils1-4Halton Hurricanes
MinorDiv2888:30 PMPGHA Markham Waxers4-0Sun County Panthers
Sunday, January 20, 2019
M.Playoff8:15 AMAtom Mississauga Reps3-2Central Ontario Wolves
M.Playoff8:30 AMLeon Niagara North Stars1-2North Bay Trappers
MM.Playoff10:00 AMAtom Ottawa Capitals4-3Peterborough Petes
MM.Playoff10:15 AMLeon Sudbury Wolves3-5Central Ontario Wolves
M.Playoff1:00 PMAtom Mississauga Reps1-2North Bay Trappers
MM.Playoff2:45 PMAtom Ottawa Capitals4-1Central Ontario Wolves
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