Rules and Regulations, Steve Richey Tournament of Champions, 2018-2019 (Peterborough Minor Petes)

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Rules and Regulations – Steve Richey Tournament of Champions 2019


Game Times:

  1. All games will consist of three 15 minute stop time periods. (NO overtime in round robin)
  2. There is a 3 minute warm-up at the start of each game, which starts when the Zamboni door closes.
  3. Teams must be prepared to begin 15 minutes prior to their scheduled starting time.

               (Games may start early at the discretion of the referees and the tournament committee.)

  1. Floods will be before the game and after the second period.
  2. For the Quarter, Semi and Championship games, should it be tied at the end of regulation, there will be one ten (10) minute sudden victory overtime period. Teams will not change ends for this overtime period. Teams will play 3 on 3 during this overtime period. Should a team receive a penalty, the non-offending team will place a fourth player on the ice. After the expiration of the penalty, the offending player will return to the ice. At the next whistle, the teams will return to 3 on 3.
    If after the 10 minute overtime period the game remains tied, there will be a shootout. It will be a three man shoot out. If that fails to produce a winning team, it will continue with one player shootout until a winner is decided. During this shootout a different player must take each shot (excluding goalies).
  3. Only during Quarter, Semi and Championship games will teams be entitled to one thirty (30) second timeout.



  1. The home team will wear the light colored jerseys.
  2. Teams must leave dressing clean and tidy.
  3. Please keep change room music at a reasonable level.
  4. No off ice warm ups are permitted in the City of Peterborough arenas.
  5. No Affiliated Player that is participating in the Tournament shall play for their Affiliated Major Midget Team until the minor midget team is eliminated from the tournament. 


1.   All teams are required to have their representative report  least one (1) hour prior to their first (1st) scheduled game.
2.   This team representative must confirm that the documents provided to the tournament representative prior to the       tournament are still correct on this date. If the team has not provided the requested documentation in advance the team representative must bring these documents to register their team. (Travel permit and Official team roster).
3.   No additions to the roster after registration.



  1. Team standings will be based on the points earned in round robin play.
  2. Group play standings are based on 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie.
  3. The 1st place Minor Midget team in each division will be seeded 1st-4th & will advance to the semi-final games.
  4. The 1st place Major Midget team in each division will be seeded 1st-6th, plus the two best 2nd place teams will be seeded 7th-8th and will advance to the quarter-final games. (8th vs. 1st / 7th vs. 2nd / 6th vs. 3rd / 5th vs. 4th)
  5. All Semi-finals play on Sunday and will be based on the teams standing in the round robin format.

(4th vs. 1st and 3rd vs. 2nd)


Tie breaking Formula:

  1. Winner of the games played between the two teams (two-way tie only).
  2. Team with the most wins,
  3. Add the goals for and goals against and divide total into the goals for. The team with the highest Quotient wins.
  4. Team with fewest goals against.
  5. Team with the most goals for.
  6. Team with the fewest penalty minutes.
  7. Coin toss




      1.    O.M.H.A. rules will apply.

      2.    No protest – referee’s decision is final.  

      3.    The Tournament Committee reserves the right to render decisions regarding rule interpretations and objections.

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