Schedule & Results, 2019 Boston Pizza Icefest Tournament, 2019-2020 (Peterborough Minor Petes)

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Thursday, October 17, 2019
MB-GroupA11:15 PMEFreedom Mississauga Reps4-2Peterborough Minor Petes
PW-GroupA22:30 PMMr.Lube Upper Canada Cyclones0-1Huron Perth Lakers
MB-GroupB32:45 PMKinPGHA Toronto Nationals4-3Ajax-Pickering Raiders
PW-GroupB (XOVER)42:45 PMEFreedom Peterborough Minor Petes5-2Ottawa Valley Titans
PW-GroupB54:00 PMMr.Lube Southern Tier Admirals5-1Clarington Toros
PW-GroupB64:15 PMKinPGHA Eastern Ontario Wild3-2Waterloo Wolves
B-GroupA74:15 PMEFreedom Niagara North Stars2-1Peterborough Minor Petes
MB-GroupC85:30 PMMr.Lube Eastern Ontario Wild3-2Huron Perth Lakers
B-GroupC105:45 PMEFreedom CIH Academy Voyageurs1-4Hamilton Huskies
MB-GroupB95:45 PMKinPGHA Upper Canada Cyclones2-1Chatham Kent Cyclones
B-GroupC116:00 PMEvi-Leon Southern Tier Admirals5-2Clarington Toros
MB-GroupA127:00 PMMr.Lube Ottawa Myers5-0Lambton Jr. Sting
B-GroupB137:15 PMKinPGHA Ottawa Valley Titans2-1North York Rangers
B-GroupB147:15 PMEFreedom Brantford 99ers2-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers
PW-GroupA157:30 PMEvi-Leon Nickel City Sons1-5Peterborough Minor Petes
B-GroupA168:30 PMMr.Lube Ontario Hockey Academy Mavericks1-3Chatham-Kent Cyclones
B-GroupD178:45 PMKinPGHA Soo Jr. Greyhounds1-2Oshawa Minor Generals
MB-GroupC188:45 PMEFreedom Don Mills Flyers9-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
B-GroupD199:00 PMEvi-Leon Upper Canada Cyclones4-2Waterloo Wolves
Friday, October 18, 2019
PW-GroupB208:00 AMMr.Lube Waterloo Wolves1-3Clarington Toros
B-GroupB238:00 AMEvi-Leon North York Rangers0-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
B-GroupB248:00 AMNorwood Brantford 99ers5-1Ottawa Valley Titans
PW-GroupB218:15 AMKinPGHA Eastern Ontario Wild3-6Southern Tier Admirals
MB-GroupB228:15 AMEFreedom Ajax-Pickering Raiders8-2Chatham Kent Cyclones
MB-GroupB259:30 AMMr.Lube Upper Canada Cyclones2-5Toronto Nationals
B-GroupC289:30 AMEvi-Leon Clarington Toros1-4Hamilton Huskies
B-GroupC299:30 AMNorwood CIH Academy Voyageurs3-2Southern Tier Admirals
MB-GroupA269:45 AMKinPGHA Ottawa Myers9-2Mississauga Reps
MB-GroupA279:45 AMEFreedom Peterborough Minor Petes2-3Lambton Jr. Sting
MB-GroupC3011:00 AMMr.Lube Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-1Huron Perth Lakers
B-GroupA3311:00 AMEvi-Leon Ontario Hockey Academy Mavericks0-1Niagara North Stars
B-GroupD3411:00 AMNorwood Oshawa Minor Generals1-2Waterloo Wolves
PW-GroupA3111:15 AMKinPGHA Upper Canada Cyclones3-0Nickel City Sons
B-GroupA3211:15 AMEFreedom Peterborough Minor Petes2-0Chatham-Kent Cyclones
MB-GroupC3512:30 PMMr.Lube Eastern Ontario Wild2-1Don Mills Flyers
B-GroupD3812:30 PMEvi-Leon Upper Canada Cyclones6-1Soo Jr. Greyhounds
PW-GroupB3612:45 PMKinPGHA Waterloo Wolves5-0Ottawa Valley Titans
B-GroupB3712:45 PMEFreedom Kitchener Jr. Rangers1-0Ottawa Valley Titans
B-GroupC392:00 PMMr.Lube Hamilton Huskies0-7Southern Tier Admirals
B-GroupB422:00 PMEvi-Leon North York Rangers1-3Brantford 99ers
B-GroupC402:15 PMKinPGHA Clarington Toros4-1CIH Academy Voyageurs
MB-GroupA (XOVER)412:15 PMEFreedom Chatham Kent Cyclones3-0Peterborough Minor Petes
B-GroupA463:30 PMEvi-Leon Chatham-Kent Cyclones1-3Niagara North Stars
PW-GroupA453:45 PMEFreedom Peterborough Minor Petes5-3Huron Perth Lakers
MB-GroupB (XOVER)434:00 PMMr.Lube Huron Perth Lakers5-2Ajax-Pickering Raiders
PW-GroupB444:15 PMKinPGHA Clarington Toros2-3Eastern Ontario Wild
MB-GroupA (XOVER)505:00 PMEvi-Leon Toronto Nationals8-7Ottawa Myers
MB-GroupC (XOVER)495:15 PMEFreedom Lambton Jr. Sting3-0Guelph Jr. Gryphons
PW-GroupB476:00 PMMr.Lube Ottawa Valley Titans2-4Southern Tier Admirals
MB-GroupC (XOVER)486:15 PMKinPGHA Mississauga Reps1-3Eastern Ontario Wild
MB-GroupB (XOVER)546:30 PMEvi-Leon Don Mills Flyers2-1Upper Canada Cyclones
B-GroupA537:00 PMEFreedom Peterborough Minor Petes3-0Ontario Hockey Academy Mavericks
B-GroupD517:30 PMMr.Lube Waterloo Wolves0-1Soo Jr. Greyhounds
B-GroupD527:45 PMKinPGHA Oshawa Minor Generals1-2Upper Canada Cyclones
PW-GroupA568:00 PMEvi-Leon Huron Perth Lakers2-1Nickel City Sons
PW-GroupA558:30 PMEFreedom Peterborough Minor Petes4-7Upper Canada Cyclones
Saturday, October 19, 2019
PW-GroupA (XOVER)578:00 AMMr.Lube Clarington Toros2-4Upper Canada Cyclones
PW-GroupB (XOVER)608:00 AMEvi-Leon Huron Perth Lakers4-2Ottawa Valley Titans
MB-GroupB618:00 AMNorwood Ajax-Pickering Raiders6-1Upper Canada Cyclones
PW-GroupB588:15 AMKinPGHA Southern Tier Admirals3-4Waterloo Wolves
PW-GroupB (XOVER)598:15 AMEFreedom Nickel City Sons0-4Eastern Ontario Wild
MB-GroupC629:30 AMMr.Lube Guelph Jr. Gryphons0-2Eastern Ontario Wild
MB-GroupA659:30 AMEvi-Leon Lambton Jr. Sting2-3Mississauga Reps
MB-GroupB669:30 AMNorwood Chatham Kent Cyclones0-4Toronto Nationals
MB-GroupC639:45 AMKinPGHA Huron Perth Lakers1-2Don Mills Flyers
MB-GroupA649:45 AMEFreedom Peterborough Minor Petes1-7Ottawa Myers
B-GroupA (XOVER)6711:00 AMMr.Lube North York Rangers0-1Ontario Hockey Academy Mavericks
B-GroupB (XOVER)6911:00 AMEvi-Leon Peterborough Minor Petes4-2Brantford 99ers
B-GroupB (XOVER)7011:00 AMNorwood Chatham-Kent Cyclones1-0Ottawa Valley Titans
B-GroupB (XOVER)6811:15 AMKinPGHA Niagara North Stars3-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
B-GroupC (XOVER)7112:30 PMMr.Lube Waterloo Wolves2-1Clarington Toros
B-GroupC (XOVER)7412:30 PMEvi-Leon Soo Jr. Greyhounds3-2CIH Academy Voyageurs
B-GroupD (XOVER)7212:45 PMKinPGHA Southern Tier Admirals2-0Upper Canada Cyclones
B-GroupD (XOVER)7312:45 PMEFreedom Hamilton Huskies2-6Oshawa Minor Generals
MB-Playoff752:00 PMMr.Lube Peterborough Minor Petes0-2Upper Canada Cyclones
PW-Playoff782:00 PMEvi-Leon Huron Perth Lakers5-8Eastern Ontario Wild
MB-Playoff762:15 PMKinPGHA Guelph Jr. Gryphons4-3Chatham Kent Cyclones
PW-Playoff772:15 PMEFreedom Clarington Toros3-1Upper Canada Cyclones
MB-Playoff793:30 PMMr.Lube Mississauga Reps2-7Ottawa Myers
PW-Playoff823:30 PMEvi-Leon Nickel City Sons1-7Ottawa Valley Titans
MB-Playoff803:45 PMKinPGHA Ajax-Pickering Raiders5-4Don Mills Flyers
PW-Playoff813:45 PMEFreedom Waterloo Wolves5-2Peterborough Minor Petes
B-Playoffs835:15 PMMr.Lube North York Rangers2-5Waterloo Wolves
MB-Playoff865:15 PMEvi-Leon Lambton Jr. Sting2-4Eastern Ontario Wild
B-Playoffs845:30 PMKinPGHA Oshawa Minor Generals4-0Ottawa Valley Titans
MB-Playoff855:30 PMEFreedom Huron Perth Lakers3-2Toronto Nationals
B-Playoffs877:00 PMMr.Lube Ontario Hockey Academy Mavericks1-5Clarington Toros
B-Playoffs907:00 PMEvi-Leon Soo Jr. Greyhounds2-5Kitchener Jr. Rangers
B-Playoffs887:15 PMKinPGHA CIH Academy Voyageurs4-3Chatham-Kent Cyclones
B-Playoffs897:15 PMEFreedom Hamilton Huskies0-2Niagara North Stars
B-Playoffs928:45 PMEvi-Leon Brantford 99ers2-3Upper Canada Cyclones
B-Playoffs919:00 PMEFreedom Peterborough Minor Petes5-4Southern Tier Admirals
Sunday, October 20, 2019
PW-Playoff938:00 AMMr.Lube Clarington Toros4-5Southern Tier Admirals
B-Playoffs968:00 AMEvi-Leon Clarington Toros5-1Oshawa Minor Generals
PW-Playoff948:15 AMKinPGHA Waterloo Wolves7-0Eastern Ontario Wild
B-Playoffs958:15 AMEFreedom CIH Academy Voyageurs1-4Waterloo Wolves
B-Playoffs1009:45 AMEvi-Leon Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-1Peterborough Minor Petes
MB-Playoff979:45 AMMr.Lube Huron Perth Lakers2-0Eastern Ontario Wild
MB-Playoff9810:00 AMKinPGHA Ajax-Pickering Raiders2-1Ottawa Myers
B-Playoffs9910:00 AMEFreedom Upper Canada Cyclones2-0Niagara North Stars
MB-Playoff10111:45 AMEFreedom Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-1Upper Canada Cyclones
B-Playoffs1031:15 PMEvi-Leon Clarington Toros2-5Waterloo Wolves
PW-Playoff1021:30 PMEFreedom Waterloo Wolves6-1Southern Tier Admirals
MB-Playoff1043:15 PMEFreedom Huron Perth Lakers5-0Ajax-Pickering Raiders
B-Playoffs1055:15 PMEFreedom Upper Canada Cyclones1-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers
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