Rules, 2019 Boston Pizza Icefest Tournament, 2019-2020 (Peterborough Minor Petes)

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Boston Pizza

Icefest Tournament Rules

October 17-20 2019


1. Round robin games will be 3 periods. 1x10 minute period, 2x15 minute periods. Floods (ice resurfacing) will be every 2 periods.  Overtime does not count as a period for the purpose of floods.


2. Quarter, semi and final games will be 3 x 15-minute periods. If necessary, there will be one sudden victory overtime period of 5 minutes with 4 on 4. If required, there will be sudden victory overtime as outlined for the round robin play noted in #4 below.   If a player receives a penalty in the third or O.T. periods it will be carried over to the next overtime period.

Floods for playoff games will be before the game and after the second period.


3.  All teams must be prepared to start their game 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  Not the first game of the day or Playoff games.

Games may start early at the discretion of the referees and the tournament committee.


4.  In the round robin there will be no ties.  Overtime will start immediately without any discussion amongst the team.  Overtime will be sudden victory 4 on 4 for one minute; reduced to 3 on 3 for one minute; reduced to 2 on 2 for one minute; reduced to 1 on 1 until a goal is scored.  Buzzer will sound at each minute.  Face off will be at closest face off spot within the section of the rink, offensive end, defensive end or centre ice area.  There is no time out allowed during the overtime. Goalies do not switch ends for the overtime periods. Goalies can not play the puck over the center ice red line.  Minor penalty will occur.

Minor penalties in the overtime will be 2 minutes in duration.  If a player receives a minor penalty when it is down to 1 on 1 then the non offending team will put an extra player on the ice.  When the time of the penalty expires, the offending player will return to the ice.  At the first stoppage of play the teams will return to 1on 1.

 If a player receives a penalty in the third or O.T. period, the penalty will carry over into the next over time period.


5. Two (2) points for a win; 1 point for overtime loss.


6a. Peewee teams will be seeded in groups and overall. 1st overall will get a buy to the Championship Semi Finals and the next (2nd -7th overall) will playoff in the Championship Quarter Finals. The 8th and 9th overall and will playoff in the Consolation Finals.


Peewee Championship Quarter Finals:

1st overall will get a buy to the Semi Finals. Teams will be seeded for playoff games and play outside of their group where possible.

Peewee Consolation Finals:

8thSeed & 9thSeed (Best seeded will be the home team)


6b. Minor Bantam teams will be seeded 1st to 4th in groups. For the Minor Bantam Divisions (with 3 groups) - The 1st & 2nd seeded team in each group, plus two 3rd seeded wildcard team will advance to the Championship Quarter-Final games, following the Tournament Tie Breaking Formula below.     The next 3rd seeded team in group plus three 4th seeded teams in group will advance to the Consolation Semi-Final games, following the Tournament Tie Breaking Formula below.   (WC will be seeded 7th and 8th)                                                                                                    


Minor Bantam Championship Quarter Finals and Consolation Semi Finals:

Teams will be seeded for playoff games and play outside of their group where possible.


6c. Major Bantam teams will be seeded 1st to 4th in groups. Mike Fisher Conference Group A and Corey Perry Conference Group C will playoff in Quarter Finals. Mike Fisher Conference Group B and Corey Perry Conference Group D will playoff in Quarter Finals.


Major Bantam Championship Quarter Finals:

2ndFisherA & 1stPerryC - 2ndPerryC & 1stFisherA - 2ndFisherB & 1stPerryD - 2ndPerryD & 1stFisherB

Major Bantam Consolation Quarter Finals:

4thFisherA & 3rdPerryC - 4thPerryC & 3rdFisherA - 4thPerryD & 3rdFisherB -   4thFisherB & 3rdPerryD


7.  All other Semi finals play on Sunday and will be based on the teams standing in the round robin format.

4th  vs. 1st and 3rd vs. 2nd


8.   Should there be a tie in the standings, the tie breaking rules will be:

a) Winner of games played between the two teams (Two way tie only)

b) Team that has the most wins

c)  Add the goals for plus goals against and divide total into the goals for. (Highest Quotient wins)

d) Team with fewest goals against

e) Team with the least penalty minutes.  Note, player ejected from the game will count as 40 minutes in this calculation regardless of the time in the game when the ejection occurred.

f) Coin toss




9. Registration:  All teams must register at the arena office, at least one hour prior to their first game.  Although you may have provided the travel permit and approved roster prior to arriving at the tournament, the manager must come to the office and confirm that there are no changes to the roster and provide telephone numbers(s) for two team management staff that can be reached during the tournament weekend.



10.  OMHA Rules apply. No protest/objections, the decision of the referee is final.  ONTARIO MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION sanctioned rules shall be in effect, except where these tournament rules apply, including the use of OMHA sanctioned equipment only, except where out of branch Association rules are different.  The Tournament Committee will rule on these where applicable.



11. Only players whose names are listed on the registration sheet and/or carded PRIOR TO THE FIRST TOURNAMENT GAME are eligible to play any game during the tournament.



12. Teams will be required to provide copies of the following documents when registering their team

a) All teams will be required to provide a copy of an approved (signed) roster from their home association reflecting the names of the registered players including an approved AP roster if AP’s are registered.

b) All teams will be required to provide a copy of a Travel Permit prior to playing their first game of the tournament.



13.  HOME TEAMS on the schedules will wear white or light sweaters and the VISITING TEAM will wear dark sweaters.



14.  There will be one (1) 30 second time out in ALL games excluding the overtime periods.



15.  ONE STAFF MEMBER of each team MUST be in attendance with the players in the dressing rooms at all times, until the last player departs to ensure no damages occur and the rooms are left tidy.



16.  Damages to the dressing rooms or arena caused by a player, carded staff or team spectators will be the responsibility of the team whosoever caused.



17. Audio players (radios, CD player etc) are permitted in the dressing rooms provided that the volume is kept at a reasonable level and cannot be heard in the hallways.






19. The tournament sponsors and/or the Tournament Committee, and/or the Peterborough Minor Hockey Council is not liable for any injuries (including death), damages or thefts, which take place during the tournament whosoever caused.



20.  The Tournament committee reserves the right to make any/all decisions on

a) The interpretation of the tournament rules

b) Changes to the round robin play based on the actual number of participating teams

c) Tournament objections and protests




21.  The tournament committee makes the final decision on any other matter.

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