Extra 90.5 and Minor AAA Petes Host Annual Award Ceremony, News (Peterborough Minor Petes)

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May 28, 2020 | PMHC | 1353 views
Extra 90.5 and Minor AAA Petes Host Annual Award Ceremony
The AAA Minor Petes (Peterborough Minor Hockey Council) players, parents, sponsors and council members gathered round their radios and on Zoom this morning to celebrate the 2019-20 hockey season. PMHC President Mike Martone and Past-President Walter Diclemente joined Extra 90.5 host Graham Elliott to announce all of the minor AAA Petes award winners, and thank parents, volunteers, and sponsors for their dedication to minor hockey over the past year.

Click here to read Mike Davies' report in The Peterborough Examiner.

Click here to watch a video of the ceremony.

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Player Awards

Esso Player Achievement Awards, chosen annually by each team's coaching staff:

U9 (Novice):

Most Dedicated - Royce Carleton

Most Improved - Grayson James

Most Sportsmanlike - Tyson Kitchen


U10 (Minor Atom):

Most Dedicated - Landen White

Most Improved - Jack Dunford

Most Sportsmanlike - Wes Elliott

U11 (Atom):

Most Dedicated - Nathan White

Most Improved - Jack Hatton

Most Sportsmanlike - Grady Coughlin

U12 (Minor Peewee):

Most Dedicated – Lewis Chatten

Most Improved – Josh Stinson

Most Sportsmanlike Award – Griffin Rutherford

U13 (Peewee):

Most Dedicated - Cohen Bidgood

Most Sportsmanlike- Graydon Jones

Most Improved - Owen Fitzgerald

U14 (Minor Bantam):

Most Dedicated - Ethan Toms

Most Improved - Josh Brady

Most Sportsman - Sam Corcoran

U15 (Bantam):

Most Dedicated - Morgan Brault

Most improved - Charlie Donald

Most Sportsmanlike - Kris Kastely

U16 (Minor Midget):

Most Dedicated – Tommy Pollock

Most Improved – Kyle Ramsperger

Most Sportsmanlike – John Croxson

U18 (Midget):

Most Dedicated - Clayton Shaughnessy 

Most Improved - Austin Rye

Most Sportsmanlike Award - Matt Campbell


The James Johnston Memorial Award

The James Johnston Memorial Award is an organization-wide award that was created in memory and celebration of James Johnston’s life. James was a minor Petes' player who lost his life in a motor vehicle accident. James was a gifted athlete who played hockey and lacrosse. He was a skilled player, a leader both on and off the ice, and wore the Petes sweater with pride. This award is presented annually to a minor Petes' player who exemplifies James Johnston’s character and skill.



U9 (Novice): Royce Carleton

U10 (Minor Atom): Ryder Evans

U11 (Atom): Lucas Cavanagh

U12 (Minor Peewee): Jacob McMahon 

U13 (Peewee): Colin Fitzgerald

U14 (Minor Bantam): Finlay Watson

U15 (Bantam): Charlie Blewett

U16 (Minor Midget): Nick Roode

U18 (Midget): Will Everson

The winner of the James Johnston Award goes to Colin Fitzgerald of the U13 Peewee team. Congratulations Colin! 

The Goaltenders' Award is presented to the
goaltender or goaltending duo with the best goals against average. This year’s winner is from the U10 (minor atom) team Landen White with a 1.55 goals against average. Congratulations Landen!


The David James Award

The David James Award was created in memory and celebration of the life of David James, a minor Petes' player, who was tragically taken from us, along with his father, as a result of a motor vehicle accident while they traveled to Guelph for a hockey tournament. David was a goaltender who demonstrated a great deal of enthusiasm and love for the game of hockey. This award is presented annually to a minor Petes player who exemplifies David James’ character. 


U9 (Novice): Cole McMahon

U10 (Minor Atom): Blake Brioux

U11 (Atom): Joe Hulsman

U12 (Minor Peewee): Morgan Hyndman

U13 (Peewee): Nick Fournier

U14 (Minor Bantam): Rowan Stewart

U15 (Bantam): Brayden Friedrich

U16 (Minor Midget): Chase DeNoble

U18 (Midget): Ayden Bulmer

The winner of the David James Award goes to Chase DeNoble of the U16 (Minor Midget) team. Congratulations Chase!


The Chris Fee Award

The Chris Fee Award was created in memory and celebration of Chris’s Fee’s life.  Chris was a minor Petes’ player who was tragically taken from us as a result of a motor vehicle accident.  The award is presented annually to a U11 (Major Atom) player who is voted by his teammates to be a player who plays the game of hockey with passion, skill and is well respected and liked by his teammates.

The winner of the Chris Fee award is Landon Jessup. Congratulations Landon!

The Wally Beavis Award

The Wally Beavis Award was created in memory and celebration of Mr. Wally Beavis’s life, a wonderful volunteer with our U13 (Peewee) team who was tragically taken from us in a motor vehicle accident on the way to a hockey game. The award honours the volunteer contributions of Mr. Beavis and is presented annually to a U13 (Peewee) player who has demonstrated sportsmanship, strong team play, and places the interests of their team and teammates ahead of himself.

The winner of the Wally Beavis Award goes to Camden Burke. Congratulations Camden!

The Shane Norris Award 

The Shane Norris Award was created in memory and celebration of the life of Shane Norris.  Shane grew up playing in the minor Petes system and was taken from us as a result of a motor vehicle accident. The award is presented annually to a U15 (Bantam) player who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in scholastic and sportsmanship. The winner of this award is presented with a cheque for $300.00. 

The winner of the Shane Norris Award goes to Kohl Millitz. Congratulations Kohl!

The John Leahy Award

The John Leahy Award was created in memory and celebration of the life of John Leahy, a minor Petes player who succumbed to cancer at age 18. The award is presented annually to a player on our U18 (midget) team, who has demonstrated great dedication, leadership and sportsmanship.

The winner of the John Leahy Award is Nathan Oickle. Congratulations Nathan!


The OHL Peterborough Petes “Steve Richey” Scholarship/Bursary Award

The OHL Peterborough Petes “Steve Richey” Scholarship/Bursary Award presents a $500.00 bursary to a graduating AAA Petes player. The recipient of the award is a deserving student who has given back to their community and has demonstrated an excellent work-ethic on and off the ice and is an ambassador of the minor Petes organization.  

The winner of the OHL Peterborough Petes “Steve Richey” Scholarship/Bursary Award is Will Everson of the U18 (midget) team. Congratulations Will!

Coaching/Team Staff Awards

Technical Coach of the Year

This award is presented annually to a head coach who has demonstrated a high level of coaching ability with a focus on technical skills and a proven commitment and dedication to his players both on and off the ice.

Winner of the Technical Coach of the Year Award goes to David Dalliday coach of the U10 minor atom team. Congratulations Coach!

Coach of the Year Award

This award is presented annually to a head coach who is admired for dedicating his time and energy, works hard making sure that the team's success is both on and off the ice, leads by example and gives effort above and beyond what is necessary.

The winner of the Coach of the Year Award goes to Scott Roche of the U18 team. Congratulations Coach!

Manager of the Year Vali Ali Memorial Award is presented annually by the Lions Club to recognize the PMHC’s Manager of the Year.  Vali Ali in was one of the Lions Club's hardest working members.  Vali was a dedicated volunteer who held many positions in the club, and could always be counted on to help out where ever needed. 

Manager if the Year Vali Ali Memorial Award goes to Erin Brioux of the U10 (minor atom) team. Congratulations Erin!

The “Jim Burchell” Trainer of the Year:

This award is presented annually to the team Trainer who has demonstrated outstanding dedication and service in the areas of safety and risk management as well as a commitment to the values of safety and enjoyment. Jim Burchell was a long time trainer within our organization. 

The “Jim Burchell” Trainer of the Year Award goes to Greg Burgess of the U16 minor midget team. Congratulations Greg!

Len Warriner Award is presented to honor a volunteer in the Peterborough Minor Hockey Council who has provided many hours of dedicated Service to the Council. The award is named after Len Warriner who has been and still is an active member of the minor petes organization with over 48 years of service to minor hockey in Peterborough.

The winner of the Len Warriner Award goes to Sandy Brault. Congratulations Sandy!

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