New Tryout Rules for 2018 (Peterborough Minor Petes)

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New Tryout Rules for 2018-19

The OMHA is piloting new tryout rules. The goal of these new rules is to synchronize tryouts across Centres. The new rules will change the timing of Offers of Commitment and the granting of OHF Waivers.

You can learn more about these new rules by reading the OMHA 2018 Tryout FAQs.

1. Day 1 of Tryouts is April 16th, 2018 in all OMHA Centres.

2. ALL Teams must officially offer to commit to those Players they wish to keep by Day 4 (April 19th, 2018).

3. If a Player attends all AAA tryouts for their age division in their home centre between Day 1 and Day 4, and if they do not receive an Offer of Commitment by the end of Day 4 (April 19th, 2018), that Player may request an OHF Waiver. The player has the option to continue on with their home-centre tryouts and/or request the Waiver (for more information, see OHF regulations E17-E25 and E30-E44).  

4. The Official Tryout period is for 7 Days (April 16th, 2018 to Sunday April 22nd, 2018), however, teams may run their Tryouts beyond April 22. 

5. AA Tryouts will commence on Day 8 or Monday, April 23rd, 2018. Players who have not received an Offer of Commitment from a AAA Centre may continue to attend AAA tryouts and simultaneously begin AA tryouts.

For further questions as they relate to the Tryout Process please contact our OMHA Rep (Sue King) at [email protected].


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