2019-20 Major Midget Tryout Registration (Peterborough Minor Petes)

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Complete this form and make your payment to register for Major Midget tryouts.
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  4. Please tell us who is paying for registration so we can match the payer with the player.

    Pursuant to Rule 15.07 of the PMHC Rules and Regulations, the parents or

    guardians of a player are required to execute this PARENTAL CODE OF

    CONDUCT as a condition precedent to their child being permitted to register to

    play for the PMHC, and as a condition of their own membership in the PMHC. At

    the start of each season, a player's parent(s) or guardian(s) each must execute

    this document and submit it to the Player’s Head Coach prior to the player being

    permitted to participate in any on-ice or off ice sessions.

    Governing Standards of Conduct

    1. I/we, the parent(s) or guardian(s) understand that my son/daughter being

    selected to play hockey with the PMHC is a privilege and that full compliance

    with this Code, and the Code of Conduct of the PMHC, is required at all times.

    2. I/we, the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the player Participants, understand

    that we must set an example, and conduct ourselves respectfully and with

    courtesy towards everyone associated with the game at all times, and that and

    that our team, the PMHC, I/we and my/our child will be judged by our behaviour.

    3. I/we understand that any irresponsible or disrespectful behaviour in any

    club facility and/or toward any Coach, Officials, players, or parents whether

    before, during or after a game or practice is inappropriate and will not be


    4. I/we understand that yelling, taunting, use of obscene gestures or

    language, racial or ethnic slurs, or aggressive behaviour of any sort toward any

    person or otherwise abusing another player, Official, Coach or spectator will not

    be tolerated.

    5. I/we understand that we must abide by and respect the officials and their

    authority during any and all games. We will not question or confront officials

    whether before, during or after the game.

    6. I/we will not publicly criticize or question Coaches, teammates, opponents

    or Officials and shall only raise our concerns privately in a civil and respectful


    7. I/we understand that attendance at all games and practices is important to

    the development of my child as a player, and of the team as a unit. I/we will do

    my/our best to ensure that my child is at all scheduled on and off-ice activities,

    unless injury or illness make that impossible.

    8. I/we understand that winning is not everything and that having fun,

    improving skills, making friends and learning sportsmanship is the primary goal of

    the PMHC. Winning and losing will be done with equal grace and dignity.

    9. I/we agree that the use of alcohol on team buses is strictly forbidden at

    any time, and is an entirely inappropriate message to send to the players of any

    10. As such, I/we agree that the use of alcohol on any team bus may result in

    my/our being banned from the team bus.

    11. I/we understand that excessive use or abuse of alcohol at tournaments in

    the presence of players is inappropriate and is to be avoided.

    12. I/we understand that the use of alcohol in any amount in arena parking

    lots or other public places prior to games, practices or participation in tournament

    games, is inappropriate and unacceptable.

    13. I/we understand that failure to abide by this Code will result in disciplinary

    actions as set out in the Rules and Regulations.

    I/we have reviewed this Parental Code of Conduct and agree to be bound

    by the standards outlined above.



    Players will abide by the Fair Play principles at all times. The principles are:

    1. Respect the rules;

    2. Respect the opponents. Behaviour by a player that is in any way disrespectful to opponents will not be tolerated by the PMHC;

    3. Respect the officials and their decisions. It is unacceptable for players to challenge or dispute the decisions of referees or other officials. That responsibility lies with the Head Coach. Behaviour by a player toward a referee or official that is in any way disrespectful will not be tolerated by the PMHC.

    4. Maintain self-control at all times. It is within the authority of the PMHC to administer supplemental discipline, over and above any referee or OMHA-determined discipline, to any player who fails to abide by the

    Fair Play Principles.


    1. On game day, all players shall be at the arena one-hour prior to the game or as designated by team officials. Players shall be fully dressed and ready to go at least 15 minutes prior to the game or as determined by team officials.

    2. On practice day, players shall arrive at the arena and be on the ice, as designated by team officials.

    3. All players will ride buses to and from every regular season, playoff and exhibition game, as determined by individual teams. The parent(s) of any player unable to ride a team bus to and from a game shall contact the Head Coach and Manager of the team, to advise them of the reason for being unable to ride on the team bus, and to confirm other transportation for the player to the game.

    4. All players shall abide by the PMHC Dress Code: black dress pants, dress shirt and tie, and black dress shoes, PMHC-approved wind suits and/or and black coat as determined by team officials and the Rules of Operation.

    5. School shall take precedence over hockey.

    6. Foul language towards teammates, coaches, officials or opponents will not be tolerated in any forum, including but not limited to arenas, dressing rooms, buses, hotels, or any location in which a player is participating in a team function, or in which a player is clearly identified by his or her clothing or attire to be a player in the PMHC.

    7. Players shall under no circumstances be critical of teammates, and shall not discuss teammates' abilities except to encourage good team play.

    8. Players are responsible for their own equipment and will ensure it is complete, safe and in good condition.

    9. Players shall participate in every game and practice except for illness, injury or school event.

    10. Players shall participate in all team fundraising and contribute as required to assist the PMHC tournament committee

    11. Players are representing the Peterborough Minor Hockey Council, and shall conduct themselves respectfully and professionally at all times

    12. Players will leave the dressing room clean after each use. This applies both at home and away games, and at all tournament games in which the player may participate.

    13. Players will recognize that they are part of a team and be a TEAM PLAYER. A"team player" is not only a player who is generous with the puck on the ice, but is also generous of praise for his or her teammates' efforts both on the ice, and away from the arena.

  7. I hereby release the Peterborough Minor Hockey Council of any liability due to any injury, accident or loss of property during activities under its auspices.

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