Schedule & Results, Boston Pizza Icefest, 2017-2018 (Peterborough Minor Petes)

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Thursday, October 19, 2017
MB-GroupC13:00 PMKinPHA Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-0Chathem-Kent Cyclones
MB-GroupA33:00 PMEvi-Atom Kitchener Jr. Rangers1-3Peterborough Petes
MB-GroupB23:15 PMKinPGHA Southern Tier Admirals4-3Central Ontario Wolves
PW-GroupA (XOVER)43:15 PMEvi-IGA Guelph Jr. Gryphons5-4Peterborough Petes
PW-GroupB54:00 PMNorwood Quinte Red Devils3-2Upper Canada Cyclones
MB-GroupD64:15 PMKinPHA Niagara North Stars3-1North York Rangers
B-GroupA (XOVER)84:30 PMEvi-Atom Hamilton Huskies1-4Peterborough Petes
B-GroupD74:45 PMKinPGHA Oshawa Minor Generals3-4Grey Bruce Highlanders
MB-GroupD94:45 PMEvi-IGA Waterloo Wolves0-2Upper Canada Cyclones
PW-GroupA105:30 PMNorwood Ottawa Valley Titans3-0North Central Predators
B-GroupA115:45 PMKinPHA CIHA Voyageurs3-2Cambridge Hawks
MB-GroupA136:00 PMEvi-Atom North Bay Trappers5-4Ottawa Jr. 67s
B-GroupC126:15 PMKinPGHA Eastern Ontario Wild1-0Waterloo Wolves
B-GroupD146:15 PMEvi-IGA Ajax-Pickering Raiders5-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers
B-GroupC (XOVER)157:00 PMNorwood Ontario Hockey Academy2-3Quinte Red Devils
MB-GroupB167:15 PMKinPHA Syracuse Nationals2-3Ottawa Myers
PW-GroupA187:30 PMEvi-Atom Timmins North Stars0-1Mississauga Senators
B-GroupB177:45 PMKinPGHA Guelph Jr. Gryphons5-1Upper Canada Cyclones
B-GroupC197:45 PMEvi-IGA North Bay Trappers0-3Clarington Toros
PW-GroupB208:45 PMKinPHA Sudbury Wolves3-6Rochester Monarchs
B-GroupA229:00 PMEvi-Atom Timmins North Stars0-2Kingston Jr. Frontenacs
B-GroupB219:15 PMKinPGHA Central Ontario Wolves5-2Grenadiers du Lac St-Louis
MB-GroupC239:15 PMEvi-IGA Nickel City Sons0-3Ottawa Valley Titans
Friday, October 20, 2017
PW-GroupB248:00 AMKinPHA Quinte Red Devils3-2Guelph Jr. Gryphons
MB-GroupD268:00 AMEvi-Atom North York Rangers4-1Upper Canada Cyclones
MB-GroupD288:00 AMPMC Waterloo Wolves4-0Niagara North Stars
B-GroupD258:15 AMKinPGHA Oshawa Minor Generals1-2Ontario Hockey Academy
MB-GroupA278:15 AMEvi-IGA North Bay Trappers2-4Kitchener Jr. Rangers
PW-GroupA299:15 AMKinPHA Mississauga Senators7-0Ottawa Valley Titans
MB-GroupA319:30 AMEvi-Atom Peterborough Petes2-3Ottawa Jr. 67s
B-GroupC339:30 AMPMC Quinte Red Devils3-2North Bay Trappers
B-GroupD309:45 AMKinPGHA Grey Bruce Highlanders2-6Kitchener Jr. Rangers
B-GroupC329:45 AMEvi-IGA Clarington Toros2-3Eastern Ontario Wild
B-GroupB3410:45 AMKinPHA Central Ontario Wolves2-0Hamilton Huskies
PW-GroupA3611:00 AMEvi-Atom Peterborough Petes5-3Timmins North Stars
PW-GroupB3811:00 AMPMC Upper Canada Cyclones3-1Rochester Monarchs
B-GroupB3511:15 AMKinPGHA Grenadiers du Lac St-Louis 1-2Upper Canada Cyclones
B-GroupA3711:15 AMEvi-IGA Kingston Jr. Frontenacs4-1CIHA Voyageurs
PW-GroupB3912:15 PMKinPHA Guelph Jr. Gryphons3-1Sudbury Wolves
B-GroupA4112:30 PMEvi-Atom Peterborough Petes5-2Timmins North Stars
MB-GroupB4312:30 PMPMC Syracuse Nationals2-7Southern Tier Admirals
MB-GroupB4212:45 PMEvi-IGA Central Ontario Wolves1-4Ottawa Myers
MB-GroupC401:15 PMKinPGHA Chathem-Kent Cyclones1-3Ottawa Valley Titans
PW-GroupA441:45 PMKinPHA North Central Predators3-5Mississauga Senators
B-GroupD482:00 PMPMC Ontario Hockey Academy1-2Ajax-Pickering Raiders
B-GroupC472:15 PMEvi-IGA Waterloo Wolves0-1Clarington Toros
B-GroupD462:30 PMEvi-Atom Kitchener Jr. Rangers5-4Oshawa Minor Generals
MB-GroupC452:45 PMKinPGHA Nickel City Sons3-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
B-GroupC493:15 PMKinPHA Eastern Ontario Wild3-1Quinte Red Devils
B-GroupB533:30 PMPMC Upper Canada Cyclones2-4Central Ontario Wolves
B-GroupB523:45 PMEvi-IGA Hamilton Huskies1-3Guelph Jr. Gryphons
PW-GroupA514:00 PMEvi-Atom Ottawa Valley Titans0-1Peterborough Petes
PW-GroupB504:15 PMKinPGHA Rochester Monarchs0-6Quinte Red Devils
PW-GroupB544:45 PMKinPHA Upper Canada Cyclones4-3Sudbury Wolves
MB-GroupA585:00 PMPMC Ottawa Jr. 67s3-2Kitchener Jr. Rangers
B-GroupA575:15 PMEvi-IGA Cambridge Hawks4-2Kingston Jr. Frontenacs
MB-GroupA565:30 PMEvi-Atom Peterborough Petes6-0North Bay Trappers
PW-GroupA556:15 PMKinPGHA North Central Predators0-1Timmins North Stars
MB-GroupB596:15 PMKinPHA Central Ontario Wolves1-4Syracuse Nationals
MB-GroupD636:30 PMPMC Upper Canada Cyclones2-3Niagara North Stars
MB-GroupD626:45 PMEvi-IGA North York Rangers4-5Waterloo Wolves
B-GroupA617:00 PMEvi-Atom CIHA Voyageurs2-5Peterborough Petes
MB-GroupC647:30 PMKinPHA Ottawa Valley Titans2-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
MB-GroupC607:45 PMKinPGHA Chathem-Kent Cyclones3-4Nickel City Sons
B-GroupC678:00 PMPMC Waterloo Wolves3-0North Bay Trappers
B-GroupD668:15 PMEvi-IGA Grey Bruce Highlanders3-2Ajax-Pickering Raiders
MB-GroupB658:30 PMEvi-Atom Ottawa Myers1-2Southern Tier Admirals
B-GroupA699:30 PMPMC Cambridge Hawks3-2Timmins North Stars
B-GroupB689:45 PMEvi-IGA Grenadiers du Lac St-Louis 1-5Guelph Jr. Gryphons
Saturday, October 21, 2017
PW-GroupB708:00 AMKinPHA Sudbury Wolves0-13Quinte Red Devils
PW-GroupA728:00 AMEvi-Atom Peterborough Petes4-2North Central Predators
PW-GroupA748:00 AMPMC Timmins North Stars1-3Ottawa Valley Titans
PW-GroupB718:15 AMKinPGHA Rochester Monarchs3-2Guelph Jr. Gryphons
PW-GroupB (XOVER)738:15 AMEvi-IGA Mississauga Senators1-0Upper Canada Cyclones
MB-GroupD (XOVER)759:30 AMKinPHA Ottawa Valley Titans4-1North York Rangers
MB-GroupC (XOVER)779:30 AMEvi-Atom Upper Canada Cyclones1-2Chathem-Kent Cyclones
MB-GroupA (XOVER)799:30 AMPMC Southern Tier Admirals5-3North Bay Trappers
MB-GroupC (XOVER)769:45 AMKinPGHA Niagara North Stars3-2Nickel City Sons
MB-GroupD (XOVER)789:45 AMEvi-IGA Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-7Waterloo Wolves
MB-GroupB (XOVER)8011:00 AMKinPHA Ottawa Jr. 67s4-0Central Ontario Wolves
MB-GroupA (XOVER)8211:00 AMEvi-Atom Ottawa Myers3-4Peterborough Petes
MB-GroupB (XOVER)8411:00 AMPMC Kitchener Jr. Rangers2-3Syracuse Nationals
B-GroupB8111:15 AMKinPGHA Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-3Central Ontario Wolves
B-GroupB8311:15 AMEvi-IGA Upper Canada Cyclones3-1Hamilton Huskies
B-GroupD8512:30 PMKinPHA Ajax-Pickering Raiders3-4Oshawa Minor Generals
B-GroupA8712:30 PMEvi-Atom Peterborough Petes5-1Cambridge Hawks
B-GroupD (XOVER)8912:30 PMPMC Clarington Toros0-2Grey Bruce Highlanders
B-GroupD8612:45 PMKinPGHA Kitchener Jr. Rangers3-0Ontario Hockey Academy
B-GroupB (XOVER)8812:45 PMEvi-IGA Kingston Jr. Frontenacs6-0Grenadiers du Lac St-Louis
B-GroupC902:00 PMKinPHA Quinte Red Devils2-3Waterloo Wolves
PW-Playoff922:00 PMEvi-Atom Rochester Monarchs5-2Mississauga Senators
B-GroupA942:00 PMPMC Timmins North Stars4-3CIHA Voyageurs
B-GroupC912:15 PMKinPGHA North Bay Trappers3-1Eastern Ontario Wild
PW-Playoff932:15 PMEvi-IGA Upper Canada Cyclones5-1Peterborough Petes
MB-Playoff953:30 PMKinPHA Central Ontario Wolves1-2North York Rangers
PW-Playoff973:30 PMEvi-Atom Timmins North Stars2-3Quinte Red Devils
MB-Playoff993:30 PMPMC Ottawa Myers3-5Waterloo Wolves
MB-Playoff963:45 PMKinPGHA Upper Canada Cyclones0-3Syracuse Nationals
PW-Playoff983:45 PMEvi-IGA Ottawa Valley Titans2-3Guelph Jr. Gryphons
MB-Playoff1005:15 PMKinPHA North Bay Trappers0-3Guelph Jr. Gryphons
MB-Playoff1025:15 PMEvi-Atom Ottawa Jr. 67s4-3Ottawa Valley Titans
MB-Playoff1045:15 PMPMC Niagara North Stars1-4Southern Tier Admirals
MB-Playoff1015:30 PMKinPGHA Chathem-Kent Cyclones4-1Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MB-Playoff1035:30 PMEvi-IGA Nickel City Sons5-1Peterborough Petes
B-Playoffs1057:00 PMKinPHA Grenadiers du Lac St-Louis 3-2Ajax-Pickering Raiders
B-Playoffs1077:00 PMEvi-Atom Guelph Jr. Gryphons7-5Kitchener Jr. Rangers
PW-Playoff1097:00 PMPMC Sudbury Wolves2-1North Central Predators
B-Playoffs1067:15 PMKinPGHA Ontario Hockey Academy5-3Upper Canada Cyclones
B-Playoffs1087:15 PMEvi-IGA Grey Bruce Highlanders4-5Central Ontario Wolves
B-Playoffs1107:30 PMNorwood Hamilton Huskies3-6Oshawa Minor Generals
B-Playoffs1118:45 PMKinPHA Timmins North Stars1-4Quinte Red Devils
B-Playoffs1138:45 PMEvi-Atom Kingston Jr. Frontenacs2-1Eastern Ontario Wild
B-Playoffs1158:45 PMPMC North Bay Trappers1-6CIHA Voyageurs
B-Playoffs1129:00 PMKinPGHA Waterloo Wolves4-3Cambridge Hawks
B-Playoffs1149:00 PMEvi-IGA Clarington Toros2-1Peterborough Petes
Sunday, October 22, 2017
MB-Playoff1168:00 AMKinPHA Guelph Jr. Gryphons3-1Syracuse Nationals
B-Playoffs1188:00 AMEvi-Atom Ontario Hockey Academy0-6Quinte Red Devils
PW-Playoff1208:00 AMPMC Rochester Monarchs3-2Quinte Red Devils
MB-Playoff1178:15 AMKinPGHA Chathem-Kent Cyclones1-2North York Rangers
B-Playoffs1198:15 AMEvi-IGA Grenadiers du Lac St-Louis 1-5Waterloo Wolves
PW-Playoff1218:15 AMNorwood Upper Canada Cyclones4-3Guelph Jr. Gryphons
MB-Playoff1229:45 AMKinPHA Ottawa Jr. 67s5-4Southern Tier Admirals
B-Playoffs1239:45 AMEvi-Atom Kingston Jr. Frontenacs1-4Central Ontario Wolves
MB-Playoff1259:45 AMPMC Nickel City Sons2-4Waterloo Wolves
B-Playoffs12410:00 AMEvi-IGA Clarington Toros0-2Guelph Jr. Gryphons
B-Playoffs12611:30 AMEvi-Atom CIHA Voyageurs1-4Oshawa Minor Generals
B-Playoffs1271:00 PMEvi-Atom Waterloo Wolves0-3Quinte Red Devils
PW-Playoff1291:00 PMPMC Rochester Monarchs2-3Upper Canada Cyclones
MB-Playoff1281:15 PMEvi-IGA Guelph Jr. Gryphons3-2North York Rangers
MB-Playoff1303:00 PMPMC Ottawa Jr. 67s2-4Waterloo Wolves
B-Playoffs1315:00 PMPMC Guelph Jr. Gryphons5-1Central Ontario Wolves
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